PLEASE JOIN US before you make a donation. We would like to get to know you better. We may have things in common. Knowing what your interests are, will help us to know which projects may appeal to you.

There are some great gifts available to you when you make donations to our programs.

  • The Punany Poets are offering a Season Pass to their romantic comedy shows to donors who give at the $500 level. Come to any show with a guest, any time, any city. Not in a city, where we are doing a great show? No problem, send a friend, a cousin or newlywed friends so they can enjoy your front of house privilege. This Donation comes with a Membership Card, delivered by US Postal Service.
  • Donate $5 and enter The Punany Poets Valentine's Gift Basket Raffle. There are 10 chances to win.
  • Commission Art by Jessica Holter & Millie Coleman, Southern Soul Arts
  • Make a $25 donation and we will thank you on Instagram!
  • Make a $50 Donation and we will reserve 2 seats for you at the show of your choice. (This offer is only good until January 15th. and not available at events that are sold out at the time of your donation.)
  • Make a video telling the World how great our projects are and we will send you an e-book.
  • Volunteer to work as staff at one of our events or fundraisers and you will have a great time!
  • Donate hot meals to our traveling artists and we will include you in our grace to God.
  • Donate your products to give away as show prizes, and we will shout you out.

Come back again... we are just getting started. There are more great things coming soon.

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