• There are some great gifts available to you when you make donations to our programs.
  • The Punany Poets are offering a Season Pass to their romantic comedy shows to donors who give at the $500 level.
  • Jessica Holter is offering a free canvas print of one of her art pieces at the $250 level. Holter is a talented artist, as well as creator of The Punany Poets.
  • Punany's Box: HIP Inc has T-Shirts, books, music, home movies and special event tickets for private affairs at our playhouse in Atlanta. Donate at the $100 level and you can watch us select your gift from Punany's Box on Facebook live.
  • Make a $25 donation and we will thank you on Instagram!
  • Make a video telling the World how great our projects are and we will send you an e-book.
  • Volunteer to work as staff at one of our events or fundraisers and you will have a great time!
  • Donate hot meals to our traveling artists and we will include you in our grace to God.

Come back again... we are just getting started. There are more great things coming soon.

DONATE HERE - We will contact you with rewards.