Artist Resources

Project C.O.V.E . : Self esteem building program through speech and travel.

Save Our Sounds: Youth Music Program that teaches the History of Music & Gives Free Instrument Lessons.

I.N.S.E.L.F.: Youth & Young Adult self esteem building program through speech and travel.

The Punany Poets: Sex Education Theater program with gainful employment

H.I.P. Artist Residency: Artist Live-In Mentorship Program, includes travel, work training

Our Playhouse: We have a studio available to HIP Inc members only. Join Us.

H.I.P. Classes

The Business of Art: As much as you enjoy having fun and healing people with your art, it is important to accept the fact that your art is a business. Treating it as such is imperative for you to have both success and independence. Classes we offer to HIP Members include:

How to Get Incorporated

Credit Maintenance

Social Media Currency

Trade Agreements