Statement of Activities:

HIP is an education based nonprofit arts collective, where creative minds come together to share and create art. We are producers of collaborative art. To artists, we are a home base; the perfect place to come and recharge for the path ahead of you. We offer classes, mentorship, self-esteem building projects and on-the job stage and oratory training. To producers and collectors of innovative art, we are a gold mine peppered with music, theater, visual art, lyrics, scripts, literature, dance and creative ideas. To supporters of community service we are a treasure chest of passionate skills and on the ready public aid art to keep your heart rich. Apply to join us on our mission. Donate now.

Mission Statement: Increasing the self esteem of the disenfranchised through arts and education.

Vision Statement: Using arts and social education to eradicate the impact of poverty and inertia among under-served communities.