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The Credit Retrieval/Acceleration (CR/CA) Program is a supplemental program for students identified as at-risk according to the state’s criteria and who have failed a whole or a half credit in a core subject area with a grade of 60 to 69. Students in Credit Retrieval have an opportunity to "retrieve" previously failed courses. Students in Credit Acceleration have an opportunity to "accelerate" and take courses needed in the future to graduate.

Once accepted and enrolled into the program, students will be expected to follow all District, Campus, Classroom and Program guidelines for behavior attendance and productivity. Failure to do so may result in removal from the program.


In Class: Students enrolled in the class during the school day must attend class daily. Students may also attend Before school, During lunch, After school and Saturdays.

Own Time: Students must attend daily Before school, During lunch, After school and Saturdays.


Duration of time allowed for any given course completion will range from 2-5 weeks (Depending on the course). Students should complete each course or semester course in the time allowed..


All students are expected to adhere to the guidelines, rules and expectations of the District, School, Classroom and Program.

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