Lester's Hohner

Hot Rod Videos

A series of videos showing my techniques for various jobs on a Hohner Pokerwork. Some jobs are Pokerwork/Erica specific but they all show techniques that can be used on all melodeons.

1. Introduction

2. Re-facing Treble Pallets

3. Restrict Treble Action

4. Remove Thumb Strap

5. Reface Bass Pallets

6. Bush Bass Buttons

7. Retape Bellows

8. Replace Grille Cloth

9. Replace Fingerboard with Acorn Instruments Wooden Replacement

10. Convert to 4th Button Start

11. G Scale Reed Tuning

12. Treble Tuning

13. Bass/Chord Tuning NEW

14. Taping of the Thirds in the Chords

15. Repairing Bellows Leathers, Corners and Splits

16. Fitting Strap Brackets

A. Hohner Liliput Keyboard Removal/Refit