It's time to make some NOISE again!

At the March 30 Board of Education meeting, in response to anticipated state budget cuts, the board considered a proposal that included the elimination of a teaching position in our music department.

We saved this crucial department position last year, and it’s time to fight for it again!

Please make your voice heard NOW!

There are several easy actions you can take, all of them important:

  1. Sign the petition: Read the student statement and sign the petition.
  2. Send personal emails asap to the members of the Board of Education, to the superintendent, and to the principal of your child's school. (A cc to would be appreciated.) Email addresses below. The best letter is a personal one, but if you want some talking points, you can refer to our sample letter as well as the student statement above.
  3. Save the date to attend the online BOE meeting on APRIL 21, 2020 at 7:30pm Download now to be ready to log on to the BOE meeting when it happens. Click HERE for more details.
  4. Reach out to your personal network to encourage fellow parents, students and alumni to do the same.



Amy Cazes - Principal / 914.478.6270

John DeKams - Assistant Principal / 914.478.6281


Gail Kipper - Principal / 914.478 6230

Christopher Keogh - Assistant Principal / 914.478.6230


Louis A. Adipietro - Principal / 914.478.6252

Melissa Hardesty - Assistant Principal / 914.478.6251


Valerie Henning-Piedmonte - Superintendent of schools / (914) 478-6205

Melissa Szymanski - Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction


Doug Sundheim - President

Lauren Berman - Vice-President

Jeremy Arnon

Tim Baer

Alison Andrus

Jodie Meyer

Silvia Robles

THANK YOU for supporting MUSIC in our schools!

Watch our video montage of last year’s outpouring of people power and community passion at the BOE meeting, and then HELP US DO IT AGAIN!

Our goals:

To foster a love of music for our students

To support the music programming in our public school system

To encourage overlap between music students of Hillside, FMS and HHS

To find and fund external music experiences for our students

To be an advocate for our music staff and students and a conduit for parents and administration

Steel Pan Ensemble Spring Fling 2018Carousel imageChorus @ World Strides Music FestivalBOE meeting that saved HHS music teacher position

Hastings AMP was formerly the Hastings Music Booster Club - same group, same efforts, new name - join us!

Look for our drum at most music events!

All money collected goes to support enriching music opportunities for our students

Thank you for supporting music experiences for our youth!