Hog Shatter

What Is Meant By The Term Hog Shatter?

Do you want to learn in detail about hog shatter marijuana? This article will guide you with useful facts about shatter marijuana concentrates. There are some unknown facts mentioned below and so you need to go through each and every line written below very nicely.

What is meant by shatter?

A shatter is a form of marijuana that is completely legalized and is sold at a very high rate in different parts of the world. These marijuana concentrates are very powerful in action and can help the user achieve his desirable high. They are translucent in appearance and looks like a piece of glass from a distance.

The house of glass shatter has gained a lot of popularity amongst the consumers of cannabis all around the globe. These concentrates are easily available from various brands and come with a lower price tag.

Meaning of the term ‘Concentrate’

Cannabis consumers often achieve their high using various types of flowers. But concentrates like shatter and many others are much more potent and show the effect faster. These concentrates are the shatters that have got the perfect concentration of the chemicals required for achieving high. The chemicals found in these concentrates are named as cannabinoids and can be of various types like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and terpenes.

All those consumers who use hog shatter for the purpose of recreation should avail of those shatters that are high on THC. It has been seen that shatters have as high as 80% of THC levels in them. This creates a magical effect on the consumer and he tends to get high in a very short span of time.

There are also some other variants of cannabis oil concentrates that have a lower content of THC in them. These oils have a very high amount of CBD in them and thus can be used for medicinal purposes. They help in curing various types of diseases and increase the immunity power of the consumer.

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