h o d l n e o . c o m

A self-reminder to ALWAYS hodl my NEO... in good times, and in bad.

These are my reasons to hodl NEO:

Technical reasons

  1. NEO uses Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) as its consensus algorithm. This is more energy and cost efficient compared to Proof-of-Work (which Ethereum and Bitcoin use) and Proof-of-Stake algorithms.
  2. NEO can process up to 10,000 transactions per second. (Ethereum does about 15/s.)
  3. NEO blockchain does not fork by design. This assures finality, which is important for transactions in the financial system. (By comparison, Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains fork regularly.)
  4. NEO smart contracts can run on many common programming languages such as Java and C#. It will support Go and Python soon. (Ethereum only runs on its own Solidity language.)
  5. NEO is designed to be quantum-proof (i.e. hack-proof even with more powerful computers in future).

Here's a cool infographic made by a fellow NEO-believer, explaining the technical details.

Business reasons

  1. NEO is focused on digitizing assets to facilitate their transactions. It is working with the Chinese government/certificate authorities on this.
  2. NEO has a great team led by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. (Read their enlightening "Ask Me Anything" session.)
  3. NEO has a growing developer community support (e.g. City of Zion and others).
  4. NEO has established strong partnerships (e.g. Microsoft, Innospace, Binance, Agrello)
  5. NEO has a great roadmap ahead. (Whitepaper, and comments.)
  6. "Ethereum failed to hold ICOs accountabale, NEO has a chance to do better" - contributed by a reader of this site!
  7. NEO is being built as the main public blockchain in China that will link up with other blockchains via NEOx. This is one of the goals of OnChain which started and supports NEO. (link here)

Investor reasons

  1. NEO is undervalued. Its market cap ($1.0B) is only a fraction of Ethereum ($30B) - as of 06 Sep 2017.
  2. NEO is trading on only a handful of exchanges. And it is limited to Bittrex and Binance for non-Chinese citizens. More accessibility (in future) = more value.
  3. NEO will have upcoming ICOs using its blockchain. Pioneers include Red Pulse and AdEX.
  4. NEO is generating more media (e.g. Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post) and public attention.
  5. Businesses and deep-pocketed investors (e.g. Fosun) are beginning to invest in NEO.
  6. NEO generates dividends (GAS). (http://www.neotogas.com). Nuff said!
  • Last updated on 06 Sep 2017

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NEO address: AKzqqLS7WykEdXqLCahczsTTVj36RNAfs3

Check out the official NEO page (www.neo.org) for more details.