Hour of Code @Spann

December 3-9, 2018 and beyond

Bee Bots are here!

ICYMI: We have Bee Bots available for check-out in the Media Center!

Talk to Lisa West if you want to learn how you can combine coding activities with ANY content area. Kids in ALL grade levels think Bee Bots are fun to use!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes can do whole group coding with Tynker or Made with Code on the Smart Board in their classroom.

Click on one of the activities below.

Make the Yeti dance!

2nd-5th Grade classes can use the code.org activities during lab.

There are more than 50 coding activities to choose from! Minecraft and Moana are just two of the choices. Click on an activity to try it out!

Visit Google's Made with Code website for more awesome projects.

Here is a link to more resources, including a few amazing videos about careers that require computer science skills.