Organisers Comments

Thank you everyone who came. I was nice to see some new faces, I hope to see you again at some of our other events. We had some good running weather, at least sat in the pub it seemed good :).

Some of you met a locked gate when trying to visit control 15. As long as you indicated it was locked I have counted it as a valid control visit. On a couple of lamppost controls, some people wrote the number of the next lamppost along down, I have also counted these valid controls. I got various colours the benches around the pole control 23. Officially they were purple, however as it was dark and the colour might look differently in different light so have accepted them as valid visits.

Well done to David Aldridge for winning and Marian white for being top solo woman.

Again thank you for coming. The next NSL event is in Kings Heath on the 24th Jan. If you fancy getting offroad then next week there is a WEE event at Hollybed Common, Malvern. See for details.


Due to only a couple of women running solo I have not split the results by gender. The result are provisional. I will double check them again this weekend, but short of me miss counting they should remain the same. If you think there might be an error please email me at .


12 Jan A few of results have been updated. In these cases I have taken the competitors word they either visited a control or tried to visit one via a locked gate that were not previously clear on their answer sheets.