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Several Reasons Why the BOSS LS-1630 is a Great Option for Many Makers

Members of the "maker" movement have a lot to be excited about, and steadily falling laser engraver prices rank as some of the highlights. While some makers might be most interested in what the latest 3-d printers have to offer, many more are focused on projects where a high-quality laser engraver can make things far easier.

Regarded by many as the best laser engraver for particularly ambitious hobbyists, the BOSS LS-1630 qualifies as a professional-grade unit. At the same time, it remains affordable enough for many makers to justify, while providing a great blend of features and capabilities.

An Engraving Machine That is Ready to Grow

Whereas some products end up holding their owners back, the LS-1630 is a hobby laser engraver that can go well beyond what many believe possible at this level of the market. Some of its most important strengths include:

A larger work area - Most entry-level laser engraving devices feature work platforms that are a little cramped. While it will sometimes be possible to work around the associated limitations, many owners of such products find themselves wishing they had just a bit more room. The LS-1630 opens up the options by nearly two inches on one side of its own work area, sacrificing only a barely noticeable quarter-inch along the other axis in exchange. That ends up being a much more satisfying arrangement for many of the machine's owners, and this is one of the features that has helped make it so popular.

American-made optics - Many affordable laser machines skimp in important areas to keep performance down. Generally, capable-seeming engravers designed and offered by manufacturers based in China, for example, will often be shipped to buyers with optics that hold them back significantly. Given that the quality of a machine's optics will directly impact its efficiency of laser light transmission, this can easily end up being a costly compromise. The fact that BOSS equips its popular LS-1630 with 100-percent American-made optics is another strong point in the machine's favor.

More power - The LS-1630 also excels with regard to how much power it draws right out of the box. Other machines in the same class typically consume 30 or 40 watts, but the LS-1630 ups these figures easily with a draw of 65. That allows it to engrave or cut more quickly and deeply.

The No-Compromise Choice for Hobbyists and Makers

As a result, the LS-1630 has quickly become regarded as one of the best choices of all for amateurs who set their sights high. With many other benefits to recommend it, this is a machine that will not leave a buyer disappointed.