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Helpful Tips For First Time Laser Engraver Users

Finding a new hobby or starting a side business is something most people do on a regular basis. Before deciding what type of hobby they want to pursue, a person will need to take some time to figure out what they are passionate about. If a person likes to work with their hands, then buying a laser engraver may be a great option.

There are tons of people out there who will pay good money to get things like metal and wood engraved. With the right hobby laser engraver, a person can start doing this work in a hurry. The following are some of the things a person needs to consider when using an engraver for the first time.

Properly Preparing the Material Being Engraved

The first thing a person needs to do when using an engraver is to prepare the material they will be altering. Failing to properly prepare the wood or metal being engraved can lead to less than stellar results. If a person is engraving wood, they need to cover it with masking tape to reduce the chance of scorching.

Doing a test cut is also a good idea. This will allow a first-time engraver to figure out whether or not the presets a machine has is right for the project they are working on.

Defocusing the Laser

There will times when an engraver needs to have thicker lines on the projects they are working in. The factory laser presets will lead to very small lines being produced. The only way to get wider and thicker laser lines is by actually defocusing the laser.

Figuring out how to do this will require a user to read their user manual. Performing a few test cuts before putting the actual project in the engraver is essential when trying to avoid mistakes.

Cleaning the Machine Afterwards

Once an engraver is done making their cuts, they should focus on cleaning the machine thoroughly. The last thing a person wants is for their engraver to malfunction due to a lack of care. Making sure all of the metal or wood shavings are out of the bed of the machine is easy with an air compressor and a hose.

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