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The Perfect Laser Engraving Machine for Many Hobbyists and Small Business Owners

Because laser engraver prices have dropped so much in recent years, many more individuals and businesses now find the available entry-level models to be easily affordable. While owning a laser engraver that was designed to maximize value at a low price can be extremely rewarding, it can also pay to invest a bit more into such equipment.

Whether as an upgraded hobby laser engraver or for use by a small business, the Boss LS-1630 consistently stands out from the other machines available at its price point. By offering truly professional-grade features and capabilities at a price that remains reasonable to a great many buyers, the LS-1630 has become one of the most popular machines of all.

A Significant Step Up from the Entry Level at a Surprisingly Low Cost

Laser engraving and cutting machines at the very lowest end of the market necessarily involve compromises of various kinds. Many buyers today are perfectly happy to accept these limitations in exchange for the functionality they receive at such low prices.

On the other hand, the LS-1630 improves upon what can be expected at the entry level in a number of important ways. Because it does so at a price that will still seem very easy to justify to many buyers, features such as the following frequently recommend it:

Power. A laser that is only capable of converting 30 or 40 watts of electricity into light might well serve a particular hobbyist or small business well. On the other hand, relying on a low-powered laser will mean needing to accept all the associated limitations, and those can be significant. The 60-watt tube the Boss LS-1630 employs in its standard form is a lot more capable in a variety of important ways. Laser buyers who want even more speed and the ability to cut more deeply into a wider variety of materials can even opt for a 100-watt upgrade. As each of these crucial components is supported by an appropriate power supply and other equipment, making the most of this extra power can be all but guaranteed.

Space. The least expensive laser machines on the market all have work areas of fairly limited size. That can easily end up being a source of frustration or worse, particularly as the goals of a laser's owner grow more ambitious. The work platform of the LS-1630 is gigantic compared to those found on most entry-level units, making it an appealing choice for many in this respect, as well.

A Laser Ready to Grow with the Goals and Projects of Its Owner

As a result of possessing advantages like these, the LS-1630 has become widely regarded as the best laser engraver for the many who would like to go beyond the entry level of the market. Investing a bit more into a professional-grade machine like the LS-1630 can easily pay off.