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About the HMS Art Room 

Our art room functions under a "Modified TAB Choice" environment.  This means students are not only encouraged to make their own choices - it is the expecation and the norm.  Students are seen as the artists and the art room is their studio.  While instructions and demonstrations for techniques and media are still taught directly, students are then released to create art based on their interests, exploring ideas they have and expressing their own voice.  TAB stands for "Teaching for Artistic Behavior" and in our art room we believe that to be an artist is to create your own art, in your own way - not to duplicate the work of another.   

While in the art room, students are developing significant skills that will prepare them for the future.  The habits of an artist include: 

Each item on this list is what you often see an artist doing habitually - instinctively.  And yet habits are developed.  We create habits for ourselves by repeating the behavior.  In our art room, students are developing these habits as they engage in the activities and create their art.  Not only will they develop their ability in art, but they are becoming more prepared for their individual, unique futures.  

2021-2022 : Goal and Action Steps

Goal (2021-2022) - to increase each student's ability to implement the Creative Process, moving towards total independence of choice making and away from reliance on a teacher for all the answers.  

Action steps: 

1. Instruct varieties of media and techniques, allowing time to stretch and explore in an open ended way.  

Exploration provides students with the opportunity to connect with the media, to practice and feel comfortable manipulating without fear of mistakes (and thus reducing fear of failure/lower grades).  The chance to "see what happens" also leads to discovery of original ideas, problem solving skills and ownership of their own work. 

2. Studio Habits of Mind - emphasize the habitual choices of artists and problem solvers, using Creative Process steps with each project.  

The Studio Habits of Mind are 8 behaviors regularly practiced by artists and creative problem solvers.   These stretch beyond the art room and are applicable in many areas of study, careers or circumstances.  For additional information about the Studio Habits of Mind, see the link  button below.  

3. Mindfulness and reflection practices to promote engagement, focus and awareness of personal growth (artist statements, digital portfolio, self evaluations) 

Moving away from reliance on others to assess success is an important skill at this age.  Students must learn to self-evaluate and decide if they are "on-target" with their goals.  Reliance on the teacher for assessment can be disabling as students advance toward high school.  Through self-critiques, peer evaluations, written artist statements, and portfolio building, HMS art students will develop the ability to reflect on their success and growth.  This practice leads to a greater understanding of setting goals, time management and confident choice making.  


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