Riverside Clinical Research Examiner Recruitment

What is an examiner?

An examiner collects data for a research study, based on requirements provided by Riverside. Examiners administer assessments to examinees to “test the test.” Examiners are part-time, temporary employees, hired and paid through our contingent workforce management provider, PRO Unlimited.

What is required to participate in a research study as an examiner?

  • Complete PRO Unlimited paperwork.

Review the list of required documents on the PRO Unlimited and Riverside page.

  • Complete study training

Training time and method can vary, depending on the study. Some studies require viewing online training modules and reading a training manual, which can take 1-3 hours to complete everything. Other studies require more in-depth training and time. On occasion, we may require examiners to attend an in-person training session.

  • Recruit examinees that meet the demographic requirements for the study

General demographic requirements will be provided prior to starting the study. More specific inclusion and exclusion criteria will be given in the study training information. All examinee candidates must complete a Consent Form in order to be considered for participation in the study. Examiners will submit completed consent forms to Riverside for examinee selection. If a candidate is selected, Riverside will assign a case for the examinee.

  • Provide/find an appropriate location for conducting assessments

Examiners are responsible for securing a quiet, comfortable, location for each testing session (e.g. library, examinee’s home, community center, church, etc.).

  • Conduct assessments

Fill out all necessary forms; administer the assessment, following all testing rules; review assessment for completion and correct testing procedures.

  • Ship completed materials back to Riverside in a timely manner

Riverside pays all costs and supplies all materials for shipping completed assessments to our office. Examiners must drop shipments off at a UPS drop box or store.

What is the compensation?

Compensation is made on a per case basis and typically depends on the length of time required to administer the test. Compensation rates will vary from study to study.

Why become an examiner?

  • Gain insight into the product development process for clinical assessments
  • Add to your resume
  • Make extra income

What qualities are you looking for in an examiner?

Our most successful examiners display the following qualities:

  • Detail oriented
  • Good at record keeping
  • Quick learners
  • Good social network for recruiting examinees
  • Understand basic testing procedures
  • Ability to maintain integrity of testing materials and confidential examinee information
  • Ability to be responsive to changing needs of samples

I'm interested. How do I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming an examiner, you must submit information about yourself and your professional credentials. After we review your information and determine that you have the proper qualifications, we will invite you to become an examiner. Your information will then be sent to PRO Unlimited to start the onboarding process.