Welcome to HKUST X Dustykid "Be a Star" Exhibition from 20 Oct to 11 Nov 2021!

HKUST X Dustykid "Be a Star" Exhibition

20.10.2021 - 11.11.2021

@Atrium, HKUST

Mon - Fri 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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HKUST X Dustykid "Be a Star" Exhibition

HKUST Counseling and Wellness Center, in collaboration with Dustykid, wishes to nurture positive vibes on campus. Through exhibiting 31 paintings of “Be a Star” series, the exhibition aims to spread heart-warming messages, stimulate reflection and encourage participants to care for people around them.

This exhibition also enables students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to enjoy artworks in an unconventional way by providing an objective narration of painting details and visual characteristics through audio description and braille.

To create a unique visiting experience, this exhibition encompasses a prize-winning interactive gaming experience, a heartfelt message board, and a 3D virtual tour.

Virtual Tour

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Audio Description

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Exhibition Synopsis



In the Dark...

Hanging on the Galaxy

Crying with You

Opening the Curtains



The One

Close Our Eyes


Always in My Heart


Shining on You


Eyeful of Stars

Missing You

Holding You Tight

Come to You!

Have a Good Sleep

A Cup of Have-a-nice-day

Star Bathing

See You Again


Too Dazzling!



Our Universe



Some Broken Things

We are as tiny as a speck of dust, yet we could be as great as a shinny star.

Let's be a star for people around you by guiding the way and warming their hearts.

Heartfelt Message Board

*This platform is for overseas visitors (students or staff) who cannot enjoy the gallery on site. Gift Redemption for overseas visitors will begin from 12 Nov to 31 Dec 2021.

Without darkness, you cannot see the starlight. You will never walk alone. There is always someone who will weather rough times with you side by side and find the way out together! Who do you think of?

Although some of us have been lost, can also illuminate others if we work hard to shine. Let's be a star for people around you by guiding the way and warming their hearts. We will heal ourselves by lighting others and spreading the warmth to them.

Let's take this time to say THANK YOU, give SUPPORT, share your LOVE and APPRECIATION today!

It is the time to give support to people around you and gain a unique gift for appreciating your engagement in this journey by writing a heartfelt message!

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