從實務經驗出發   以體證作為依歸

Unique Features

The Practice-Based Evidence Lab [實務體證研究室] in the Department of Counselling and Psychology at Hong Kong Shue Yan University was designed from the ground up. The PBE lab espouses the bottom-up research paradigm to complement the top-down evidence-based practice paradigm, thereby forming an evidence cycle to build a more complete knowledge base of psychotherapy practice, research, and training.

The lab is equipped with human-centred, digital technology-assisted facilities:


To enhance the integrated scientist-practitioner function of counselling psychologists that training, research, and practice activities are intertwined; and

To advance the counselling psychology profession in Hong Kong through technology-assisted, practice-based evidence research and training.


1) Build a practice-informed, bottom-up research evidence base for psychotherapy and clinical supervision;

2) Advocate practice-based evidence (PBE) research that starts with the practitioner (clinical supervisor) by bringing curiosities arising from day-to-day psychotherapy and supervision into research, and then through research find the answers and solutions to guide and improve practice;

3) Facilitate knowledge transfer in practitioner-researcher partnership to foster effective psychotherapy, training and clinical supervision, as well as inspiring new research directions that are relevant, valid, and responsive to the multifaceted, real-world practice.

4) Offer research/studentship opportunities to master's and doctoral students in counselling psychology to cultivate the scientist-practitioner mindset in their professional work;

5)  Produce localized psychotherapy and assessment training material; and

6) Promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional dialogue and collaboration in practice-based psychotherapy and supervision research and training.