Dr. Hye Jin Park's Homepage

Hye Jin Park

Statistical physics of ecology and evolution group,

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics,

37673 Pohang, Korea

Tel (Office): +82 54 279 1471

Email: hyejin.park_at_apctp.org

  • Junior Research Group Leader in Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (2020.04-present).

  • Adjunct Professor in Department of Physics, POSTECH (2020.04-present).

  • Postdoc in Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology (2016.09-2020.03).

  • Ph. D. in Statistical Physics, Sungkyunkwan University (2011.09-2016.08).

  • B. Sc. in Physics, Sungkyunkwan University (2007.03-2011.08).