How do I register?

For our summer program we are using a new registration provider. Once you are registered with AMILIA managing your summer schedule and using our drop in days becomes a breeze. There is a family calendar view that allows you to see multiple children's schedule.

If you ever have issues registering or making purchases you can reach out to the Hillsborough Recreation / HIVE staff and we can take care of it for you.


Where is Summer School?

Summer School will be held on the NORTH CAMPUS this summer.

Has Summer School changed?

No, The Elementary & Preschool Summer School programs have retained the same format as years past. We have just added more options to the before and aftercare portions of those programs.

How do the HIVE drop in days work?

Using our amilia registration system you can buy a "multipass" for the desired number of days. Once you have a pass you can select and deselect dates on the calendar. We have several purchasing options including a FAMILY PASS that allows you to share days between siblings.

If you have a pass and have forgotten to check in, we can do it for you upon arrival!

When can I decide to drop in on a day?

You can decide as late as the morning of! We intentionally run overstaffed to ensure we can handle any amount of drop ins. You can check yourself in as late as the night before, and we can take drop ins morning of. As long as your emergency information is on file we welcome you anytime!

Do I NEED to register for the HIVE DAY CAMP or use a drop in day to do a HONEYCOMB camp?

NO! Honeycombs are stand alone enrichment camps, if that is all you want to do that week you can pick up and drop off at the time of your HONEYCOMB CAMP, no need to register for HIVE.

How does aftercare work?

After the HIVE & HONEYCOMB camps conclude all children that are left are filtered into aftercare. If you haven't preregistered for aftercare we can bill your account as you use it. All kids that haven't been picked up by 4:00 pm will automatically move to aftercare.

How are groups made?

We believe that the best camp groups are made by similar interests. We do split groups by age but not by gender. We will usually have 2 camp groups per age group and we will have the kids go with friends, or find kids with similar interests. Some groups are more competitive in games, some groups prefer to be more creative with activities, we allow each group to have their own identity and allow kids to switch groups if there is better fit for them.

What time is drop off?

For all programs morning care will open at 7:30 am but will carry an additional charge. We provide a free drop off and pick up window of half hour before & after all programs.

How are transitions handled safely?

The HIVE staff will handle all transitions throughout the day. All of our programs are scheduled to flow together at transition times. Attendance at camp and for all programs will be taken after each transition to ensure that all campers are accounted for and where they should be.

More Questions?

If you have more questions please contact our Program Coordinator Brian Srabian. bsrabian@hcsdk8.org