REPS Training

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REPS Pricing

  • *NEW* Single Day Drop-in: $40 One (1) Hitting Session, One (1) Strength Session - $20 Per Session

These credits must be used within 7 days of purchase.

      • · 1 Month: $200 (8 Hitting Sessions, 8 Strength Sessions - $12.50 per session)

      • · 2 Months: $380 (16 Hitting Sessions, 16 Strength Sessions - $11.88 per session, 5% Discount)

      • · 3 Months: $510 (24 Hitting Sessions, 24 Strength Sessions - $10.63 per session, 15% Discount)

What is Reps?

The REPS Program is designed to give the athlete an edge with everyday training. Each athlete will be offered the ability to train as often during the week as they can to get their REPS in.

Using professional trainers paired with the top technologies in the industry, players will receive objective feedback and tips on how to improve their technique and become stronger players.

Each Athlete is allotted two (2) hitting credits and two (2) strength & conditioning credits per week. Scheduling is done based on the athletes' availability.
Sessions are done Monday through Friday from 4:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.


Our small group sessions are centered on player enhancement using Trackman technology to provide our players with real-time, objective feedback.

Each hitting session is an hour long and includes tee work to sharpen up mechanics & balance, along with front & side toss for timing & vision work. Lastly our players will be challenged with batting practice pitching or machine pitching.

strength & conditioning

Our strength & conditioning sessions allow each player to train their body with certified trainers supervising each exercise that they do, as well as showing amateur players just starting to lift how to properly perform each exercise.

Speed & mobility training are also paired with the strength portion of the workout.

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