Player Programs

REPS Hitting & Strength

Get Your REPS in!

The REPS Program is designed to give the athlete an edge in everyday training. Each athlete will be offered the ability to train as often during the week as they can to get their REPS in. Using professional trainers paired with the top technologies, players will receive objective feedback on how to improve technique and become stronger players.

Perfect for Players Ages 9-18

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GR8 Pitching -Ages 13+

GR8 Pitching has been Hit & Run's go-to
Pitching Program for the last 5 years. By using repetition and technology, we take a proactive approach to bettering arm care while continuing to build velocity.

We teach our students WHY they are doing something, as opposed to telling them WHAT to do. This teaching technique allows our students to understand and absorb the information given to them so they can apply it appropriately.

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Pound the zone Pitching - Ages 9 to 12

Our youth Pitching Program is aimed towards providing pitchers ages 9-12 the fundamentals of pitching mechanics; aimed at providing the development of fastball effectiveness as well as the development of off-speed pitches.

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