Miss Harold's Classes


Welcome to our class website!!! Here you will find some important documents such as the syllabus, lessons, videos, classwork, and homework assignments. I know we will have an outstanding year together!!!

I expect each of you to come prepared by completing your own work to the best of your abilities. With good effort, diligence, and a positive attitude, success is sure to come your way! Come responsibly prepared for class, show genuine effort, and be respectful of yourself and others and I'm sure we'll enjoy a great year together. Attitude is everything! Please always TRY to do your best!

And parents, thank you for having interest and being supportive in your child's educational future. With all of us working together it should be a wonderful year! Should you need to contact me I can be reached best by email. Also, make sure you follow our class on Instagram to keep up with all of our amazing work!

Some tips on navigating this website:

  • Make sure when you scroll through the tabs you select the section for your correct class.
  • Read sections carefully so you know it pertains to you.

Contact Ms. Harold:

Email: eharold@dadeschools.net

Instagram Account: history_with_ms_harold