Welcome to the show! This is the fifteenth Size Riot contest, and we're still attracting new writers all the time. So many of our regulars are building personal libraries of works solely stocked with the material they've developed here! This event is less about competition (or it should be) and more about honing one's craft and riding the support of a community of creators, as well as the exposure of one's work to an ever-broader audience of eager readers. And none of it would be possible without the writers who shows up time and time again to flex their skills, tackle unfamiliar or difficult topics, and push themselves to perform. Everyone here should be proud of their accomplishments.

Newcomers: Read about our glorious history here, including past winners and the archived contest sites.

For absolute newcomers: This is a Size Fantasy writing contest, featuring characters who range from the minuscule to the colossal. Stories are often sexual, but that can take on vastly different forms. Some writers simply find it satisfying to explore what happens when one size set encounters another.

Theme: Size in Other Historical Periods

  • Any combination and gradients of size differences

  • Any historical period on real-world Earth (no Battlestar Galactica loopholes)

  • If you wanna work "smashing cops" into it somehow, go for it


  • June 6−16: Nominations for July's topic.

  • June 17−26: Voting on July's topic.

  • June 27: July's topic announced!

  • June 6−30: Sign-ups for the July contest.

  • July 1−31: Writing original flash fiction!

  • August 4−24: Evaluating stories.

  • August 26: Contest results revealed!