The Best Reasons For Hiring a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have received a lot of media attention lately with shows like "The Biggest Loser" and Oprah's recent fall in the fitness cart, so maybe you have thought of hiring one to help you get fit. One question to ask is: "If I hire a personal trainer, what should I get in exchange for my hard earned money?"

Before we answer that question, let's define what a personal trainer is. This is important because everyone can print a few business cards and call themselves a coach. There is no requirement for state licenses and personal trainer certifications range from one-day online courses to rigorous theoretical and practical exams from accredited institutions. Before you even consider using your hard earned money, ask a potential trainer about their level of education in relation to physical status, what certification they have, how much practical experience they have, if they are insured, and if they have references. A top-notch fitness and training certification is not a guarantee that you are hiring a quality trainer, but it greatly improves your chances.

There is an endless debate on which certifications are most accredited, but virtually all of the lists I see include the following:

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

International Association of Sports Science (ISSA)

Now that we have defined a personal trainer, let's talk about your investment. These are the three most important things you should get when hiring a coach.

# 1 - Expert Knowledge

I will tell you a story to illustrate an investment I recently made in expert knowledge. Recently, three taps in my house began to drip at the same time! It was awful. My wife and I are permanently influenced by the sound of dripping water. I was very proud to try to correct these things myself, I spoke to some friends, I spent some time and money, I tried some things on my own; But the leaks came back. I even talked to the "experts" at the local home improvement store, spent more time and money, and the drops kept dripping.

Exasperated, I called a professional plumber to assess the situation. I almost weakened when he gave me his $ 300 bill to repair a faucet; But he also took time to teach me to repair the other two taps and save me hundreds of dollars. More importantly, he has diagnosed the cause of the problem, our old water heater, something I would never have discovered alone. Without their expert knowledge, the problem would have been, no matter how many repairs I made myself.

A qualified personal trainer can save you similar experiences when trying to reach your fitness goals. If you are new to the exercise or have been in training for years, a personal trainer can help you determine the root causes why you are not the kind of way you want. The test and error can be frustrating, time consuming and even dangerous when it comes to fitness. Consider an investment in expert knowledge of a personal trainer as a "start" cost that will pay dividends for life.

# 2 - A quick start

Unless you are motivated to exercise 4-6 times a week and eat well, you may need a personal trainer to push you a little. Once you have spent your hard earned money, scheduled a time for your training and your personal trainer is waiting, it's hard to find reasons to retire. Your personal trainer must push him to do a little more than he would on his own.

Establishing and tracking goals, designing and recording exercises and documenting nutrition plans are administrative details that most people prefer not to handle. A personal trainer should do these things for you and give you the tools to do it yourself if you wish.

A qualified trainer should also introduce you to different exercises. There is practically an unlimited combination of exercises and techniques that provide effective workout training while avoiding boredom. Your trainer must have the knowledge and experience to introduce you to them.

Finally, a good trainer must give you a positive attitude to the exercise. They should be a model of enthusiastic behavior that encourages you to exercise, eat sensibly and constantly seek a healthy lifestyle.

# 3 - Customization

This is where the "personal" goes into personal training. A personal trainer

A qualified personal trainer should do a thorough assessment of your unique situation and provide creative ideas on how to implement a fitness program based on your abilities for more information please visit