2018 Lineup

Magic Bus Stage!


XYLEM is the musical creation of Donovan Moran, a Durham based multi-instrumentalist, and friends. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, he has always been immersed in a wide variety of styles and sounds, which find their way into the songs. XYLEM fuses psychedelic elements of classical, jazz, hip-hop and rock'n'roll to take you on a mellifluous journey. Donovan also leads weekly melodic conscious diaphamatic breathwork meditations that he integrated into his live set with his friend Theo Feaster. The classes are every Tuesday at the Living Arts Collective in Durham at 730.


Kirk Farmer is a singer-songwriter in Raleigh NC. Originally from Richmond, VA, he has been writing and performing and entertaining crowds from coast to coast for nearly 30 years. His distinct bluesy vocals and rhythmical guitar style are unmistakable to his fans.

Kirk's form of music is a unique combination of rock, folk, blues, and country that shows off his west coast musical style but still highlights his southern roots. He boasts a large catalog of original music as well as an eclectic array of covers spanning four decades.

While still performing with Dirty Rumors, Kirk’s main concentration is now on writing and performing as a soloist and with the Kirk Farmer Band.

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Chris Hendricks or Chris & Stefan of Castle Wild.


Two members consists of acoustic-pop artist Chris Hendricks (vocals/rhythm), electronic producer and the ever-talented and widely versatile Stefan DiMuzzio. Their music joins an eclectic 'hybrid-80's synth' sound with a post-modern, indie pop feel; all the while, being driven by a funky back-beat blues joined with melodic 'power-guitars' to give Caste Wild a truly unique sound. Their full length album is set to release early 2018. Chris Hendricks (vocals, guitar) Stefan DiMuzio (electric guitar)


The Lost Nomads are a Middle Eastern and world music ensemble based in Cary, NC. They perform throughout the Triangle at various cultural events, festivals, and belly dance performances. They can be seen at the International Festival, Eno River Festival, Full Steam Brewary in Durham, Lazy Daze in Cary, Jewish Community Centers, and a few Middle Eastern restaurants around town. Visit our facebook page for details on upcoming performances!




One Tribe is a gathering of sounds and rhythms, energy and togetherness. Join us on a journey of musical exploration. Creating traditional and original rhythms that extend into multi-cultural landscapes. Multiple people, multiple instruments…one purpose. Unity.



Feeling Groovy Tent!

Bring your mats and enjoy yoga in nature!

Also see Dawn at Space #15

Sound Healing with Jarek!

Sound Vibration Healing with Tibetan singing bowls, Gongs, Singing Pyramids, Crystal Bowls and more !! Also see Zarek at Space #8!

Awakened1 3:00-4:00

Half hour meditation and a half hour Qi Gong

Also see Karolyn at Space #5

Singer Song Writer

All-original, "soulful folk" vocals--usually with "classical" acoustic guitar), and music-blended (think shamanic drum or cigar box blues guitar, etc.) "spoken word" performer as my main gigs, but also known to mix in various "character acting" elements (no-buddy special...just "me"...PARTS of me, that is! = grin = My own inner "alter eagle" wise man / wise guy sometimes chimes in with seasoned folksy-wise two-liners--with a fun "punch"...this is often mixed with sound effects and one-liners [usually sung--very appropriately, or very NOT!] by my "inner winner" child. Basically, I just "show up", go with the intuitive flow, do my very "blessed" to have fun and hopefully create a few "magic moments" with whoever may be listening ...or not...and beam my perkity beam o' de-Light round...and trust that sooner or later others will join me, and we'll have a beamin' bliss-bless, in-the-moment love-fest! = jolly grin = Sure, not for everyone. But I ran across your event, and it feels right to me--like you guys might be just my kinda "peeps" an' kindred spirits! I'd love to give it a try and find out how much we'll love each other!