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My second (right) total hip replacement (THR) was done April 2, 2013.

Here you will find a first-hand account of the whole process from the patient’s viewpoint. I was awake and aware during the operation and I remember everything, at least as well as a 72 year-old brain can remember things. To assist with my memory I have an audio recording and a video.

The site is structured as a conventional web site with separate pages describing different parts of the process in detail. As of April 25, 2013, most of those pages are done. The big ones are The Big Day and The Operation. I am still working on a few post-op pages. You can navigate to these pages from the menu above.

If you are considering a hip replacement yourself, I hope you will find information here that you might not have discovered elsewhere. Please don’t let the description of the actual operation discourage you. I am an engineer so I am interested in that kind of thing. You will in all likelihood not remember a thing of your operation. Maybe my descriptions can explain some of the pain you will encounter after the surgery.

If you are here for some other reason, I hope my information will satisfy your need.

You may want to view the web site I put together for my first hip replacement in 2004. It is a little dated now, since there have been many improvements since then.

If you want to contact me, email me at steve@sblanchard.us. I do want comments and stories of your own.

This site was originally created using WordPress hosted by GoDaddy on one of its legacy Linux servers. (Of course, it wasn't a legacy server when I built the site.) In 2019 it stopped working and my first $50 attempt to fix it didn't work. I migrated all of my web sites to a new GoDaddy Linux server, but the WordPress sites didn't migrate easily. I gave up on WordPress at this point and rebuilt the site using Google Sites, which is where you are viewing it.