These FREE Community Run Clinics, for Fort Saskatchewan residents, are conducted by several trained Run Group Leaders and a Certified Running Coach / Certified Fitness Instructor who live and run in Fort Sask and these clinics are very professionally created based on 21 years of experience coaching over 1700 runners.  

About these Run Clinics

The focus is on runners who want to Learn To Run. The coach is also trained to Level 3 Theory by the Coaching Association of Canada. This training means the coach can create programs for all types of athletes throughout the year.  The coach has created and taught approximately 47 previous Run Clinics in Fort Sask.

Why Are These Free?

At this time when the cost of goods and services are too high the residents have provided feedback stating that they cant afford to register for exercise programs and are stressed about the high cost of living.  We have heard from runners that running is an excellent stress reliever so it made a lot of sense to our run training group that these run clinics needed to continue for the residents but they had to be low cost or no cost. The Fort Sask residents needed something free like this for their mental health to relax and run and have fun while doing it.  

How Can These Be Free?

The coach and leaders are from Fort Sask and want to give back to the community as volunteers and are offering their time to teach Fort Sask residents how to run or improve their current running. 

How Successful Are these Run Clinics?

All of the runners that follow this program are highly successful in reaching their goals and realize how important running is for their mental and physical health and end up with running as their new lifestyle exercise. 

Do These Clinics Fill Up Fast?

The clinics fill up quite fast as they come highly recommended from previous participants. There are several comments from past participants which you can find in the "Reviews" tab.