Courses Offered

Please Contact Me for my current calendar and for up-to-date information about these courses.

General Wilderness Education

• The Wilds are Waiting: Hiking 101

• Basic and Advanced Wilderness Medicine

• Basic and Advanced Wilderness Survival and Preparedness

• Advanced Trekking: Going Long

• Expedition Leadership Training

• Denali Preparation Course

• Rainier Preparation Course

• Basic and Advanced Mountaineering

• Basic and Advanced Canyoneering

• Basic and Advanced Sea Kayaking

Specialized Wilderness Education

• Hunting for Wild Ice: Backcountry Ice Skating in Alaska

• Hiking the Appalachian Trail Shinrinyoku Style

• Movement as Medicine: Shinrinyoku

• Chasing Waterfalls: The Waterfalls of the Central Coast

• Born To Run: The Indigenous Running People of the World

• The Coast Redwood: The Biology & Ecology of the Tallest Living Things on Earth

• Hiking Into Spirit: The Wild North Coast

• The Way of John Muir: A Saunter Through the Redwoods

• Hiking and Poetry: The Great Naturalists and their Poetry

• Hike Free: An Integral Approach to Hiking

• The Way of John James Audubon: Hiking and Bird Watching

• Poetry On The Peaks: The Mountains are Calling

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