Why us?

Hike Cape Town

Why us?

Guided hiking, like any extreme sport, requires an inherent level of caution when exercising. We recommend only making use of a guided hike when choosing to hike Cape Town. This will allow you to enable to maximum level of expertise while enjoying your hiking experience.

Why our hikes are preferred

Using a trusted service provider for hiking in Cape Town is a task worth investigating. Each company has it's own guidelines on mountain safety and payment policies. We accept that our company is the choice of guided hiking tour groups on TripAdvisor for the many thousands who have left us a review. This maintains why our hikes are preferred, because of a long standing history of excellence. The tours are maintained by the group upholding a quality of service, another reason why you should choose us. We are there to serve your needs, whether that may be before, during and after the mountain. Thank you for considering us!

Our awards

Choosing to hike with us means a quality of service supplied by the best locals. We have received many awards and are due to receive more, thank you to all.

Why using us will benefit your trip

Like any travel, making the most of your time is essential to depending on a good time. That means planning takes away valuable time that could otherwise be used for travel enjoyment. Making your travels memorable will be a great way to enjoy South Africa by booking a guided tour of either Table Mountain or Lions Head with us. That is another reason why using us will benefit your trip, because we do these guided hikes as part of our service.

What clients say why you should use us

Our clients come from all over, like these clients from USA, we take allot of people regularly. Why us? You may say, well for starters we take great pride in making our clients experience the best one possible. With all included in your travel booking, we take responsibility for your hiking needs including transport on all tours and also snacks and drinks added to the guided hiking service. Our tours are world renowned which is one more excellent reason why you should choose us when making your selection of guided hiking tours in Cape Town. Let's take it step by step to make it to the top of a mountain in time for an amazing view.