Hike Cape Town

Our services

Our services include a wide range of guided hikes in Cape Town. These guide hikes are Cape Town tours which are both private and group hikes, fully guided by a professional tour guide.

Guided hikes include the many trails which make up Table Mountain National Park, these include Platteklip Gorge trail, Skeleton Gorge route, Lion's Head and India Venster.

Platteklip Gorge hike

Our services start with the inclusion of Platteklip Gorge hike. With a tour guide make your way to the top of Table Mountain in time to catch the Aerial Cableway down the mountain - and have a cup of your favorite beverage at the Table Mountain restaurant.

Lion's Head hike

The other service we offer includes the Lion's Head hike. Lion's Head is a mountain in Cape Town which offers fantastic trails. With your guide, our guided tour is a favorite among tourists.

Skeleton Gorge hike

Skeleton Gorge hike and Nursery Ravine is one of the services we offer which include a full day guided tour of Table Mountain National Park. This full day tour is the longest hike offered in our services because it takes upwards of 4 hours, making this a full day trail.

India Venster trail

The India Venster route the last hike on our list of Cape Town trails. This route is included in our services because of it's proximity to Cape Town, Mother City along with the rock climbing on this trail which diversifies the nature walks.

Other Table Mountain hikes

The other Table Mountain hikes are also included in our services on request. We do some common trails, outside of Cape Town as well as a couple of hours from Cape Town city. These services are requested by people looking to do a longer day tour to multi-day.

Camping trips and other hikes

While there are a fair amount of hiking trails in Cape Town, these do not compare the the vast array of hikes in the outskirts of the Western Cape. Our services include the lesser known hikes in the Cedarburg as well as on request hiking trails which will take you to some of South Africa's most remote locations.