Hike Cape Town

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Some of our favorite clients. :)

Dubai client, get the view.

Better nature than Dubai :) Its real. Take in the view with us from on top of this mountain.

Traveler from Austria

We were proud to take this traveler from Austria (Right) on Lions Head trail.

Johannesburg to Cape Town

This client came all the way from Joburg to take part in a private mountain hike. She did 2 hikes with us.

The largest group yet of 17

Guide (White T-shirt) - photo taken on the mountain with a large corporate group. Most could not even fit into the frame of the photo!

One of our favorite photos

This group of 5 - excluding the guide. Taken on a perfect day in Cape Town with people from UK, Singapore, United States and Johannesburg.

Can't remember this one :)

We take so many people hiking this photo was found in one of our archives. Guide - wearing black taken a photo with travelers presumed from the States.

Lebanon to Cape Town

With a minority of Lebanese clients coming to Cape Town, this client was in South Africa on a work-holiday vacation.

Clients from JHB and Morocco

Our Moroccan client enjoys views in Cape Town for the first time (Left), While the client from JHB (Right) has a new perspective on Cape Town.

Things started to get busy!

This group of 5 people had participants from UK and Germany (Living in South Africa). German expats enjoy this type of hike.

Lion's Head with rainbow view.

The guide (left) with Indonesian traveler (Right)

Skeleton Gorge trail.

Couples hikes are what we enjoy! This couple was from USA and looking for a real adventure.

Lion's Head sunset hike.

We take clients from Johannesburg hiking regularly, beats the city buzz of Joburg. Sorry guys!

Clients from USA

Again, we enjoy taking people from all over, but in particular people from USA make for great hiking companions.

One of the larger groups.

Taken in the mountain with clients from USA (Left), South Africa (guide), USA, Italy, Italy, Italy.

Clients from Italy again.

Italians like the good things, that includes going on guided hikes of the mountains.

The start of the Lion's Head trail

Taken at the starting point of the Lion's Head trail, our fabulous air hostess client from Dubai poses.

The sunset on Lion's Head.

With the guide in front, this hike photo was taken on tour some time in 2018. Thank you clients!

The stairway to heaven.

At the top of Table Mountain trail, we get to the top. Then take the aerial cableway down.

Airplane to mountain view.

Our air hostess clients enjoy a scenic view from on top of the clouds, above Lion's Head mountain in CPT.

Philippines -> Cape town.

Philippines clients love the view! Posed for by the guide and the client, this photo was on the tour.

UK meets Cape Town.

Our client from UK met the mountain on a half day Table Mountain hike for two.

Photo of the guide for sunrise.

We hiked up the mountain for sunrise to take this photo. Was with a group from Joburg.

Big group hike!

Italy and USA clients joined us for this hike. Thank you for the amazing photo.

Selfie :)

Client from USA joins us on a hike.

USA and Italy hike.

Two hikes joined into one with this Lion's Head hike, the clients came from USA and Italy to join us.

Pink sunsets on Lion's Head.

Our guide took this photo with the client, in front of the city of Cape Town.

Clients from Johannesburg.

We take JHB clients all the time, this family for 3 was a fun hike! Our guides enjoyed taking you.

The start of the Lion's Head trail

Taken at the starting point of the Lion's Head trail, our fabulous air hostess client from Dubai poses.

A day on the mountain.

When the guide had long hair :P We take charity groups up the mountain and enjoy it often.

Crazy hike!

With our client and two guides from South Africa, this group was fun. We had an eventful hike.

Sunset views on Lion's Head.

Sunset views can be a time to relax but also take in the view on top of Cape Town's most majestic mt.

One of the best sunsets ever.

We hike up allot but this was one of the best susnets on top of Lion's Head mountain ever.

Another photo with the guide.

We take couples from Dubai regularly, including air hostesses working on major airlines.

View of Table Mountain.

This is the view of Table Mountain from on top of our Lion's Head hike. Get the best pictures.

City view of Cape Town.

The city view from on top of Lion's Head is also amazing. Get up close with nature on this 4 hour hike.

Hike with Swiss client

We hiked up the mountain for sunrise, it was a good hike with amazing views.