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Hikes in Cape Town that we offer

Hikes in Cape Town that we offer include the Lion's Head, Platteklip Gorge, India Venster and Skeleton Gorge routes.

More about hikes

Venture forth and see the most amazing hikes in the Cape. Our hikes are short term, half day hikes in nature with an expert guide. More about hikes can be gained by using our guided services. This is because guided hikes are the best way to see the mountain. Find a hike by choosing your best setting in nature. South Africa has beaches, mountains and waterfalls. These are all included in the list of hikes. While you may find everything ranging from easy hikes to more challenging treks. Walks are the most common reason to be on the mountain, while hiking is another form of walking.

How to choose the right hike for you

Like any trail, the hikes in the Cape route are well known for the variety of challenges that inherit each trail. Having a good idea which hike you will choose will aid you in having a better hiking experience. How to choose the right hike for you is outlined below, whether a beginner or advanced hiker the range of activities is suitable for everyone.

Step 1 - Select the right intensity hike

This means choosing a trail rating that is suitable for your activity level and experience.

Step 2 - Choose the hike time

Leaving the trail to the time designated will ensure you complete the trail within the time frame.

Step 3 - Booking a hike with a guide

Using a guide for booking your hike ensures a quality and safety of hiking while on the trail.


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