Table Top Mountain

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Table Top Mountain

What to see, do and view on top of South Africa's most renowned mountain top.

Table Top mountain

Table Top mountain, a.k.a. Table Mountain, is a flat topped mountain found at the heart of the Mother City, Cape Town. The flat top appearance is credited to the Table Top Mountain's granite, sandstone and other rock type formations. The Table Top is a flat section of Table Mountain National Park, spanning a distance of around 3km. On top you will see Table Top Mountain has a wide appearance and also the Aerial Cableway, allowing visitors to view the top of the mountain with minimal effort. What is better, is to see the Table Top mountain from above by taking a guided hiking tour. We offer this service and you should totally book through us!

Images of the Table Top's flat top

Where you can find the Table Top mountain

The Table Top mountain is so big, that's why you can ask the question of where you can find the Table Top mountain. Frankly, it's easy to visit the Table Top mountain from almost anywhere in Cape Town central. This is because the areas near the Table Top mountain are so close in proximity to the flat-topped mountain that it's easy to drive or even to walk there. This is the most amazing thing from the beginning of your journey in Cape Town but remember the Table Top mountain is so big that you would need a map to get started (or a guide). We offer map-free guided hiking services on the Table Top mountain in Cape Town, making your way to the summit with ease. To get started with a hike up the Table Top, please use our contact form by clicking here.

Why you should visit Table Top Mountain

The Table Top is a mountain at the heart of Cape Town city and there are many reasons why you should visit. Table Top Mountain is one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. That means the Table Top Mountain is there to see for all people from all over the world. Many see this as a spiritual place on earth with heart warming views. There are things to see and places to go to, because the mountain is so vast, it brings with an adventure.

Things to see on the Table Top Mountain

• Birds

• Nature

• Scenery

• Views

• Hiking trails

• Cableway

• Resturant

• Photography

Table Top mountain tours

The flat topped mountain is amazing for a full or half day of hiking tours. This is due to the fact the the Table Top mountain has almost 100 different routes. This makes it easy to choose a route up the Table Top mountain that has some of another form of joy in the route to your individual tastes. To book a tour we recommend visiting our contact us page which will share some valuable insight into the different Table Top hiking routes.