Table Moutain

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Table Mountain

The mountain best described as a symbol of South African joy and pride.

Table Mountain

Would you like to see Cape Town's most iconic mountain? Table Mountain, also known in local language as Tafelburg (Table Mountain), is a symbol of South African pride and joy for the country. This flat mountain is a large national park, spanning many hundreds of kilometers. The height 1km above sea level, makes Table Mountain a towering beauty. This mountain top is best hiked with a guide, our professional guide will assist you hike Table Mountain in record time for early morning, afternoon or sunset. Want something special for Table Mountain? Catch us on a guided hike for early sunrise and make it to the top of Table Mountain for snacks and drinks, waiting for you on the way down to the Cable Car. Table Mountain is an experience worth waiting for, if looking for a different type of scenery, take a hike - it's rewarding.

Photos of Table Mountain

Why you should take a Table Mountain tour

Table Mountain is the flat topped mountain with excellent tours! Why you should take a Table Mountain tour is mainly because you will want to see the most in the shortest time. The tour of Table Mountain is a guided hike that takes you on the road to the top of the flat mountain. With views from Table Mountain looking over the view, we see the most amazing set of photographs from on top. These are views that you can only see while on a Table Mountain tour, because we know the different routes and places to shoot.

Table Mountain one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Table Mountain has even been proclaimed to be part of the national park, spanning many hundreds of kilometers. The national park which is also part of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. This world heritage site maintains a status of being one of the most well known mountains in the world. Being part of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain enjoys some benefits including:

  • Limited building
  • No Littering
  • Protected status

Why you should visit Table Mountain

Table Mountain is by far the most highly rated tourist attraction in Cape Town. With this, we see that Table Mountain has it's share of tourist spots for sight seeing. The Aerial Cableway offers the shortest ride up to the top of Table Mountain via the funicular. This 3-5 minute ride is very exciting, get a Cableway ticket by doing it online or even better, hiking Table Mountain, then doing the Cablecar down again with us. This is the best way because we offer free Table Mountain Aerial Cableway tickets, included in hike cost.

Other reasons to visit Table Mountain

• Views

• Nature

• Sight Seeing

• Hiking

• Bird Watching

• Flaura and Fauna

• Photography

• Abseiling

• Just because (it's there)

Book a Table Mountain tour

Taking a Table Mountain tour is readily available to participants on all of guided hikes. Click here to use the web form to book.

When is the correct time to book a hike on Table Mountain?

All year round, Table Mountain is accessible for hiking on the trails. These trails on Table Mountain make for excellent tours! The bookings for these tours can be made on this website and are generally the safest way to summit Table Mountain National Park. Once booked, a guide will get in touch with you to confirm your hike time. There is no limit to how much time before the hike you can book, so whether you are looking to hike tomorrow with a last minute booking or next year, we will treat you the same. It means that we will ask you a few questions to get the best service possible for your hike. India Venster, Platteklip Gorge and Skeleton Gorge are some of the services we offer for guided Table Mountain hikes. That's the best we do, we love our jobs and are keen to share that passion with you. Click here to book your Table Mountain tour