Table Mountain hiking trails

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Table Mountain hiking trails

The national park of Table Mountain offers a wide variety of hiking trails.

What are some of the Table Mountain hiking trails ?

Table Mountain offers it's wide share of hiking trails, accessible to the general public on tours. We offer the most common routes of hiking trails on Table Mountain, as well as the less popular trails. Sharing some of the expertise of a guide will help you navigate the Table Mountain hiking trail in record time and even expand your knowledge of South Africa. Table Mountain hiking trails are known for their biodiversity and allot of nature, good for anyone to take a break among the trees. Seeing Cape Town in one day is possible with a Table Mountain guided hike on one of our Table Mountain hiking trail tours, with an English speaking guide to help you navigate the trail safely.

Platteklip Gorge - The most common trail hiked up Table Mountain. Usually required a guide to help up the different paths that join up at intersections along the way.

India Venster - Another Table Mountain hiking trail that is part rock climbing, uses hand supports as stable grips to pull yourself up the rocks. Definitely requires a guide for better mountain trail safety.

Skeleton Gorge - One of the more secluded hikes that offers things like waterfalls and a dam view at the top of the mountain with beach sand, caused by the rock formations on top of Table Mountain.