Table Mountain hike routes

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Table Mountain hike routes

Table Mountain offers it's fair share of hike routes, we explore a few of these in detail.

What are some of the Table Mountain hike routes?

Table Mountain hike routes are many in number, so many in fact that there are 100 odd routes on the trails of Table Mountain National Park. How to choose between these different routes depends on your hiking preferences and time. This means that someone with less time and experience would be better on Table Mountains easier trails, while others may enjoy a more scenic and longer hiking route. There is no true answer, everyone will enjoy their share of Table Mountain hiking routes. The most common trails are accessible to everyone although a guide is highly recommended. Let's look at the most popular trails that make up Table Mountain hike routes:

Platteklip is an easier Table Mountain hike route

Platteklip is one of the easier trails that make up the Table Mountain hike routes. This trail starts at the Lower Aerial Cableway, 1km down the road, where the sign points towards the Table Mountain Platteklip Gorge hiking trail. This trail is easily navigated with a guide and takes approximately 3 hours to summit (some summit sooner). This makes it ideal for the beginner looking to do Table Mountain as a half day hiking trail.

Skeleton Gorge, a less known Table Mountain hiking trail

Skeleton Gorge is one of the less known hiking trails making up Table Mountain National Park. The trails has it's beginnings at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The trail is longer than other hikes and takes a good 5-6 hours to complete. Table Mountain hike routes that compare to this hike are the 12 Apostles trail and the Cape Point hiking trail in the intensity of the trail. There are nice waterfalls on this route and you will enjoy scenic panoramic photos of the Kirstenbosch Gardens side towards Constantia.

India Venster rock climbing Table Mountain hiking route

India Venster is known as the rock climbing route on Table Mountain with large boulders to navigate, it's a preferred route for enthusiasts looking for a bouldering adventure ini the younger ages of the hikers spectrum. This doesn't mean that the trail can not be completed by anybody, the Table Mountain hiking trail of India Venster is open to anyone, and our tours include this hike too.