South Africa

Hike Cape Town

South Africa

The place to be in South Africa is Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.

South Africa, a wonder of nature

South Africa is a natural wonder, full of exciting things to explore. These things are home to the many natural wildlife and city life that buzzes with excitement. South Africa also has many mountains, those originating from Table Mountain National Part include the Table Top, Lion's Head mountain and many other surrounding peaks and valleys. The most amazing thing about South Africa is it's diversity, it has beaches, mountains, life and nature. Among other things, South Africa produces some of the world's best wine and fruit, making it a top ranker as a producer / exporter.

Why visit South Africa?

South Africa is the place to be for nature, wildlife and people.

South Africa is a destination for tourists on holiday, this is because Cape Town in particular offers spectacular views. The nature of Mother City, the wildlife of Africa's dessert and the people that encompass African soil make up a large part of the culture of Africa. Being in Africa means adopting a culture of tradition, the love of nature and respect for the creatures that roam the plains of South Africa. South Africa is the better part of the African continent that hosts the world's most amazing biodiversity. This plant and animal life is found exclusively in Southern Africa, making it indigenous to the Cape.

Places to visit in South Africa

South Africa has many parts, the most popular of those being the provinces of Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape. The cities which are of interest in Southern Africa in include:

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Durban
  • Port Elizabeth

Photos of South Africa

Hiking South Africa

Hiking in the depths and mountains of Africa is an amazing way to see mother nature. This is because the hikes in Africa are so diverse and planning on seeing it all is virtually impossible. Hiking South Africa is one of the best ways to see the vast landscapes that surround the Southern part of Africa. This virtually enormous landscape deserves attention. The South Africa hikes take place in cities such as Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg. Even the places which are mainly cities (Such as Joburg), will have some hikes due to the geological formations of the landscape.

South Africa tours

Things you can do in South Africa have been outlined in "Places to visit in South Africa". Each location has a good tour! We do guided hikes to some of South Africa's most iconic mountains, mainly Table Mountain and Lion's Head. These South African tours are sought after for the views and guides. Being the main tour operator for a number of well-known hikes, we are privileged to be the exclusive hiking company in Cape Town offering a wide range of value added services on our South Africa tours.