Solo trips

Hike Cape Town

Solo trips

They are a great way to see the mountain and also to find yourself in nature, without the pressures of finding the trail yourself, on one of our guided hikes. Groups can enjoy solo travelers for company and we constantly look to pair solo travelers with like-minded individuals. Find yourself on a group or private tour, with our excellent guides.

Solo hiking for travelers without a partner

We offer group tours for those wanting to join an existing group, and private tours for those who want time off in nature. Usually our group tour sizes range from 2 people (2 solo travelers), to bigger groups of 4. Maybe there is the occasional group of 17 but this is rare and usually for corporate clients. We will always pair you with someone given the chance and the need.

Hiking alone can be done in groups

Benefits of hiking in groups can be better than hiking alone

Groups are a better form of hiking, this is because the provide security that is not provided while hiking alone. That means your group tour can benefit from your presence by making up a part of an exciting tour. The group hikes, avoid the dangers of hiking alone. These are muggins, and mountain safety. Hiking alone can be boring too! Let's take you on a journey into Cape Town's wild spaces that is best done for hiking with a tour.

Hiking alone VS Group tour

Here are some images of our solo and group tours.

This group of 17 people joined us on a Lion's Head tour! It would never have been more fun hiking alone. That means you can definitely join us on tour if most of the 17 people made it to the top. The group setting is encouraging, we enjoy taking up groups on tour. VS Solo hikers, group tours offer something unique. Hiking alone can be easy if you want to join one of our exciting trekking tours!

Want a group experience on a solo tour?

Our guide will give you a 1 on 1 private tour of Cape Town on your hike. Hike alone with a guide can be an amazing way to see nature for the same cost as a group tour. We don't have fancy pricing models and all of our solo clients get to enjoy group tours or private tours at the same cost. Hiking alone in Cape Town with a guide is the best way to see nature and all around. Book a tour with us!