Skeleton Gorge

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Skeleton Gorge.

Skeleton Gorge trail is a magnificent trail at the heart of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The trail takes you up narrow ravines and over pristine waterfalls. This trail is best left for the real adventurer. Get real close with nature on a 4-6 hour hiking tour that will take you up the back side of Table Mountain National Park with your expert guide. Flaura, Fauna and mother nature in the Mother City - Cape Town.

What is Skeleton Gorge route?

Skeleton Gorge is a route starting from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. This trail is about 4-5 hours in duration and takes you to some of the most amazing hiking routes. Hiking routes joining with Skeleton Gorge trail include Nursery Ravine route, going up Table Mountain and to the upper pool of water, a dam on top of the mountain. Skeleton Gorge trail is most well known for it's natural beauty, having advantages such as waterfalls and a partially wind-free environment. Thanks to the dense plant cover, Skeleton Gorge route is good all year round. The Kirstenbosch Gardens is easily accessible, leading to some of Cape Town's major routes on the mountain.

How to Get to Skeleton Gorge route

Skeleton Gorge, the trail begins and ends in Kirstenbosch Gardens. So book a tour on this route using the contact form below. The easiest way how to get to Skeleton Gorge route, is to take the transport provided on tour to Kirstsenbosch Gardens, where you receive entrance free. From there we take you up to the Scent Garden in Kirstenbosch and then start the Skeleton Gorge route. This is not an easy route, the Skeleton Gorge hike take 4-5 hours to complete with coffee, tea or hot chocolate served on your return.

Above: Waterfalls along Skeleton Gorge route.

Photos of Skeleton Gorge

The history behind Skeleton Gorge

As the name suggests, Skeleton Gorge was a place where some of the first hikers found a Skeleton. Whether this was human or not is open to dispute but the overarching idea of the trail is that it was named after this fact. There are many ways to navigate safety towards Skeleton Gorge trail. Some of these include the remaining paths of Newlands forest that join into Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, but there's no need to go searching. Our routes are all pre-planned with the guides to take you on a historical tour of Skeleton Gorge. The routes are made with an informative perspective along with the planning to include an inherent level of adventure.

The Skeleton Gorge trail as adventurous as it may seem is also part of the Table Mountain Nature Reserve. This nature reserve includes the Kirstenbosch Gardens, one of the originating routes of Skeleton Gorge starts in the gardens.

With that in mind, keep the facts that to get to Skeleton Gorge route may require entrance into the gardens. This is all okay because the natural flaura and fauna of Kirstenbosch Gardens, Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge route is part of the fascinating biodiversity of South Africa.

Taking a walk through the gardens after your Skeleton Gorge walk, provides a local perceptive on the different wildlife and plants the make of the Cape Floral Kingdom. With the Skeleton Gorge route taking a fair half to full day, there is plenty of time to wonder through the bushes and take note of the diverse network of hiking trails.

Booking a Skeleton Gorge tour

Skeleton Gorge tour starts with your pickup at morning. The tour then departs to the botanical gardens where you will receive a rich historical tour by your accompanying guide. Then we're ready to start the adventure after a safety briefing. There are many different routes to navigate Skeleton Gorge but our tour will take you on the routes of Skeleton Gorge trail and Nursery Ravine trail. This tour lands up back at the park to get yourself a nice cup of coffee, tea or hot chocoate. This all happens in one half to full day of hiking - depending on your experience. We look forward to hiking with you - please fill out the contact form here and we will get in touch with you after your booking.