Mother City

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Mother City

Cape Town is known as the Mother City, surrounded by pristine beaches and mountains

Mother City called Cape Town

The Mother City is also known as Cape Town. This large city has a population of around 3.5 million people, contributing towards a big part of South Africa. The Mother City, surrounded by mountains and beaches is a coastal city with allot of nature. Finding things around town is easy. You can be open to new experiences while taking in the nature and fresh approaches to an established town. Find yourself immersed with nature in the Mother City with the best views, Table Mountain and more!

Photos of the Mother City

Reasons to visit the Mother City

The Mother City is also known as Cape Town. This big small city hosts some of the best soccer in the world. During 2010 she was home to FIFA, and now, it hosts a variety of mountains and beaches. This record breaking city is another reason to visit the Mother City, home to Africa's most exotic wildlife and nature.

Reason number 1 to visit the Mother City

The national park of Table Mountain, hosts the biggest variety of flaura and fauna. The 330 million year old rocks are home to some of the biodiversity of the world.

Reason number 2 to visit the Mother City

The beaches are another reason to visit the Mother City. Surrounded by oceans vast as the Atlantic and India, the two currents meet at Cape Agulhas.

Mother City tours

To travel the Mother City requires some idea of what to do. Those things are easy for many but also would need a guide. This is because the Mother City is so big and her hiking trails numerous. That is why Mother City tours are best done with a guide at our hiking company, with services including the many hiking trails in Cape Town, Mother City tours is proud to offer the best hiking routes with English speaking guides.

Hiking tours of the Mother City

Hiking in the Mother City is preferred to seeing Cape Town in one day of trekking. Up ontop of the mountain, we see that there is so much more to Cape Town. Mother City tours are an amazing way to see it all by trekking the various Table Mountain hiking trails. Making your way to the top for a beautiful sunrise, morning, afternoon or sunset hike.