Lion’s Head trail

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Lion's Head trail

Why Lion's Head trail the most popular trail for beginners and advanced hikers.

Lion’s Head trail for beginners and advanced hikers

The trail of Lion's Head is a special trail for many people. The beginning of the trail is a starting point not far off from Signal Hill Road, Cape Town. The trail starts steep with ample time to adjust to the room on either side of the trail, this makes it suitable for more than 1 person at a time. The beginning of Lion's Head trail with it's scenery is good for locals to see their own city and international tourists to view the City of Cape Town from above. This means that everyone can enjoy Lion's Head trail from the young ages of 4 and 5, right the way through to the age where exercise is no longer possible. Finding the trail is easy, Lion's Head is found at the centre of Cape Town, it's trails snake through the mountains like a wild animal. Lion's Head trail gets it's name from the animal shape appearance of the trail, finding that off in the distance from an angle of about 90 degrees, the crouching lion appearance takes shape. Advanced hikers will know that this trail is one of the more scenic routes in Cape Town offering the user amazing views from the trail.