Lions Head hike

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Lions Head hike

The name suggests a Lion shaped mountain, quite so correctly. Lions Head hike is for all ages and participants.

Lions Head hike may very well be the best hike for views in Cape Town. With this hike in mind, keep notes on the various trails that make up Lion's Head hike. The former routes called The Chains and Spiral Route are some of the most well-known trails to participants. These two trails make up the main routes up Lion's Head hike. Below are 2 photos of the different Lions Head walks.

Lion's Head Chains route

The Lion's Head hike via the Chains route is the preferred route for those wanting an adventure.

Lion's Head Spiral Route

The route that takes you around Lions Head hike via the alternative route, with the most amazing views.

Lions Head hike

The Cape Town mountain called Lions Head, is home to some of the better known trails in the Western Cape. These mountain ranges have many names, however Lions Head hike is a Cape Town trail, located on the Table Mountain National Park. Seeing some of the best views, this trail on tour is our most popular hike. Lions Head, the hiking trail offers far superior views to the Mother City. These views are the main reason why this hike makes for perfect picture taking of the city. Lions Head hike is far more a beautiful hike than other trails of similar nature, length and duration, making this trail a good idea for beginners and daily users.

Lion's Head hike details

• 2-3 hours (round trip)

• 5.5 km trail distance (both ways)

• Best done with a professional guide

• Beautiful views and amazing nature

• Professional photography on tours

How to start a Lion's Head hike

These are the steps to take in order to complete a successful Lion's Head hike.

#1 Plan your route on Lions Head hike

If you'd like to do the Chains route or the Spiral Route with us then we'd be glad to take you on an adventure or a great day out on the trails. Lion's Head hike has many different routes.

#2 Choose the time to hike Lions Head

Lions Head hike is done at different times. Take in the view before dawn or even do the hike for sunset, while we do tours of Lions Head hike as early as 5:00 to catch the sunrise.

#3 Check the Lions Head hike weather

For your hike, remember that the date of your hike needs to be cross-checked with the weather. That means you will not be disappointed if we do a hike in the clouds or light rain.

Finally, After this is done, you may book a hike with us at any time. We do Lion's Head hikes every day and usually the views are amazing. Our clients love the Lions Head hikes because it's so refreshing in nature with broad landscapes. We highly recommend booking a tour! Click here to use our online form to book a Lions Head hike.

Photos of Lions Head hike tours