Lion's Head

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Lion's Head

The mountain in Cape Town.

Lion's Head, the mountain in Cape Town is a peak situated on Signal Hill Road, Cape Town. The peak of Lions Head is elevated at around 669 meters above sea level. This mountain provides unobstructed views of the city below from on top of this lion-shaped mountain.

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Lion's Head mountain.

This photo of Lions Head was taken from on top of Table Mountain top. The Cape Town mountain provides the best views of the city, which is best hiked for morning, afternoon and sunset. Our company provides guided hiking tours of Lion's Head for the following times; Sunrise, Morning, Afternoon and Sunset. Please make use of our guided hiking tours service by clicking here.

Why you should visit Lion's Head

Lion's Head mountain provides great nature views. A surrounding mountainous scenery that takes only 90 minutes to view. That means you'll be at the top of Lion's Head in no time. The reason why you should visit Lion's Head means different things to many different people. Whatever the reason, Lion's Head has amazing nature for you, photos deluxe and that spark of joy that every person visiting a city would like to see.

Things to see on Lion's Head

• Bird Watching

• Views of Beaches

• Mountain views

• 360 Degree Panorama

• The best sunrises and sunsets

• Tours for all types of people with us

What are the best seasons for Lion's Head?

During any season, Lion's Head attracts a fair amount of hikers from all over the world. The peak season for Lion's Head mountain in Cape Town is the season of Summer. This is because the time of summer has an increasing amount of travelers coming to South Africa and therefore Cape Town. These travelers use the routes of Cape Town for hiking such as Lion's Head. At it's peak the route offers attractive views and significant crowds. To get the most out of this Lion's Head hike, book a tour with us today to experience the off the beaten path trails which do not attract the crowds.

Where is Lion's Head?

Lion's Head mountain is located at the center of Cape Town. With this in mind keep these things under close watch because the traffic in Cape Town gets crazy at certain times of year. This is because Lion's Head, located centrally to Cape Town is a hot spot for a tourist destination. Being in one place

How to book a Lion's Head tour

Our friendly team of Lion's Head experts are here to help! We choose to hike in groups for safety and enjoyment. You should totally find us on the web as you have already done and book a Lion's Head hiking tour. :) The cost of the hikes along with the times can be found at the link below. If there is a reason for confusion or you'd just like to get in touch.

Booking a Lion's Head tour in Cape Town is easy! We have a wide selection of relatively easy to hard routes. When selecting your hike, we will choose the easiest route for your, unless you're up for a challenge. To book your Lion's Head tour, it's a simple form - Click here - Once this form has been filled out, a representative will get in contact with you about your Lion's Head hike and the day. Please remember to bring something warm and all else on Lion's Head tours are provided by the tour agency.