India Venster

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India Venster

The hiking trail in Cape Town with some rock climbing.

India Venster is a trail with a mild level of rock climbing.

Climb up India Venster trail to see the same views on top from Table Mountain than other renowned hiking routes. Get a better understanding of the various trails that make up this majestic mountain with a 3-4 hour hiking tour of Cape Town's most epic trail. There are hand holds to grip on to along the trail and a few twists and turns along the many boulders that make up the India Venster path.

What is India Venster?

India Venster is the name of a hiking trail in Cape Town that allows for mild amounts of rock climbing. The route is special for the many supports allowing rock climbing. India Venster, the route on Table Mountain, allows for some amazing views. This part of the trail allows vast expanses of view for the hiker. The trail of India Venster is good for beginners and advanced hikers alike because of the rock holds that make for support.

Images of India Venster trail

How to book an India Venster tour

There are no steps to booking an India Venster tour! You simply have to reach out to us by using the pre-made contact form below. We will get in touch with you about what is needed from you. Usually it's only payment to secure your booking. The booking system is easy to use and requires just a couple of minutes to complete. After your India Venster hike booking, a guide will get in contact with you using the information you provide below: