Hiking trails

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Hiking trails

There are a number of hiking trails in Cape Town

Hiking trails in Cape Town

Hiking trails in the Western Cape are many, these hiking trails take shape over a countess and vast space of land known as the Mother City. The hiking trails are originating from Table Mountain National Park and go so far as to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. Then, with that in mind, keep a space open for the hiking trails of Lion's Head and Table Mountain. Those trails are good for hiking and also give you a large choice of variety. Making your way to the top of the mountain in time for a gorgeous sunset and sunrise. Hiking trails are for everyone - Just book a hike below to start your adventure!

Pictures of Cape Town hiking trails

Most famous hiking trails

Platteklip Gorge

Platteklip Gorge hiking trail is the most common route in Cape Town.

India Venster

India Venster is a nice Table Mountain hike with amazing rock climbing.

Skeleton Gorge

The route called Skeleton Gorge is a hiking trail with waterfalls and nature.

Lion's Head

Lion's Head is the hiking trail known for it's views. With perfect nature.

Booking a tour on one of the hiking trails

Booking a tour on one of the hiking trails in Cape Town is easy. Gain entry into a variety of national park entrances and pay only the fee of the guide. The hiking trails are well worth it, spent with a day on the mountain with your trusted guide. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CONTACT PAGE. After you have booked your hike, a guide will get in touch!

Hiking trails duration and cost

There are many hiking trails which last half day and full day in duration. These hiking trails are some of the preferred routes in Cape Town with much nature, views and better yet, a group of expert hiking guides to show you. The hiking trail cost for the different hikes can be found here (click here). We do these hikes every day and the different trails which we do are well-known for their safety and much preferred views.