Hiking Safety

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Hiking safety

Why taking risks on the mountain is never a good idea, and how to fix it.

Hiking safety is important to all mountain participants on hikes. With guided hikes, enjoy a quality of reassurance not seen in other ways of hiking, let alone the views by taking a guided hike and their respective photographs are far superior. Making use of a safety checklist will help you get better mountain safety, like the below key points. Take note as we explore some of the best safety precautions while hiking the mountains.

Never hike alone - Use a guide.

Our guided hikes up Table Mountain and Lion's Head provide the best access with mountain safety. See more on the hike with our excellent guides and award winning tours, see more of the mountain with the ideal conditions for safety, mainly the right Lion's Head or Table Mountain trail along with knowledgeable, competent staff there for your hike and to put your needs first.

Best time is hike is with us.

Choose your time carefully, our guides hike up often and know when is the best time to hike up the mountain. Better yet, Table Mountain hikes and Lion's Head hike comes with your choice of sunrise, morning, afternoon and sunset hikes. Select one of these hikes to gain the best view of Table Mountain or Lion's Head after sunset or for morning sunrise.

Best gear for hiking advised.

We advise you on the basic apparel for hiking gear from mountain boots to shorts or jeans to wear for your hike. Choose this gear carefully to get the most out of your hike, all with the guidance of your mountain safety expert. Please choose us to do business with and we will be happy to help you select your combination of clothing for the hike for best fit, photos and comfort level.

What to wear, what to eat?

If you have a choice of clothing, why not choose what to eat? For our hikes we provides delicious snacks and drinks. Get a better hike by getting the best fuel for your hike. And, our hikes come with the choice of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. All for your benefit.

Be safe, use a flashlight.

We recommend clients to use lighting provided on tour for your mountain safety. Our hikes come supplied with one light for your navigation on the trail during dawn and dusk. This means seeing the trail and better your footing. We also recommended using a guided hike for afternoon hikes to see more on the trail, get the most of of your hike today!

Why beginning hikers require mountain safety

Hiking is a sport in nature that requires caution because of the inherent dangers. Slippery rocks, snakes, baboons, wild animals and most commonly getting lost on the trail are examples of these types of dangers. That means you will be safer hiking when a guide is present. Beginners enjoy better hiking experiences from using a guide to benefit the tour, by sharing insight into the trail and being able to point out common landmarks.


Whether you are hiking alone or in a group, safety on the mountain is best in numbers. Choose a partner or guide to be your hiking buddy. We offer guided hiking tours for your to hike up the mountain safely. This is the conclusion, that whichever way you choose to hike, do so safely and with someone more knowledgeable on the hiking trails.