Hikes in Cape Town

Hike Cape Town

Hikes in Cape Town

Without delay, we bring you the very best of hikes in Cape Town.

Table Mountain hikes in Cape Town

Table Mountain is the hike in Cape Town with the most popular scenery. The Cable Car and a number of other things that contribute towards the world-renowned status as a national park and one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Places to hike would not be complete without adding this flat top mountain to the list of worthy hikes in Cape Town. The Cape Town hike takes 3 hours to complete by it's most basic route, the route called Platteklip. Platteklip is a route on Table Mountain with a most simple views and also the trail is straight forward for the beginner or advanced hiker.

Lion's Head hikes in Cape Town

Lions Head also provides a number of hikes in Cape Town. The most frequent trail is however not the best, and we choose to take clients alternative routes due to the traffic on the mountain. Lion's Head, provides a number of trails in Cape Town, contributing toward to 100 odd hikes in Cape Town that make up the larger area of Table Mountain National Park. Lion's Head hike in Cape Town is the panoramic hike best viewed with us on a guided tour fro sunrise or sunset. Come see this mountain anytime to experience the beauty of nature on our doorstep.

Photos of hikes in Cape Town

Hikes in Cape Town

List of hikes in Cape Town

• Lion's Head Spiral Route

• Lion's Head Chains Route

• Platteklip Gorge Table Mountain

• Skeleton Gorge hike Table Mountain

• India Venster Hike Table Mountain

Cost and time of hikes in Cape Town

Different hikes have varying times to complete the trail. Lion's Head has a time of around 3 hours and starting cost found on this page. There are other routes too which we include the cost and time of hikes in Cape Town such as Table Mountain via India Venster route. This 3-4 hour hike has good views too, with varying costs, also found on the contact page. The Platteklip Gorge route is the preferred hiking route which offers the least cost and time of hikes in Cape Town. Tallying at only 2-3 hours, Platteklip Gorge route has amazing views up till the top of Cape Town. The last route, Skeleton Gorge route is a lesser known hike in Cape Town, starting from the Kirstenbosch Gardens. This route is more expensive because it takes around 4-5 hours time to complete the trail to the top of Table Mountain completing this list of hikes in Cape Town. (Cost and times)