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Hike up Lions Head

We find the best places to hike up Lions Head for all occasions.

3 reasons to hike up Lions Head any time of day or night

Lion's Head mountain is the perfect solution to a part day hike in Cape Town. The hike up Lion's Head takes place 4 times a day with our guided hiking tours, making this hike suitable for all occasions. Day hikes are hikes during the morning and afternoon hours during and before sunlight. Night time hikes are actually the opposite of day hikes, starting any time between dusk and the early hours of the morning. Lions Head full moon hike for example is a hike during the hours of the night once a month. Whatever the occasion, we list 3 reasons to hike up Lions Head any time of day or night.

Reason number one to hike up Lions Head

The hike up Lion's head is fun in a group! Join us on tour with a group to experience the best Lions Head hike yet. Hike up Lions Head at any time of day with us on a tour in four different options, sunrise, morning, afternoon and sunset. See the world in a whole different light from on top of a Lions Head hike. Up on the mountain, Lion's Head seems like a different world from above. Groups provide safety and a hike up Lions Head motivates you by doing so in a small or large group tour.

Reason number two to hike up Lions Head

Better than groups for some, a private tour in Cape Town of Lion's Head provides excellent views without the added pressure of keeping up with the group. People who may prefer to hike up Lions Head in a private tour and not a group are couples and solo travelers wanting a bit of extra attention. We offer this service on request to solo travelers who also rate our service highly in either a private tour or as part of a group hiking up Lions Head.

Reason number three to hike up Lions Head

Hike up Lion's Head in a tour during daylight or night time for safety. Better to go with a tour than to go alone because of the reported safety issues on Lions Head. This means getting better insight on mountain safety that will help your hike up Lions Head to be a memorable experience, finding the time to enjoy the smaller things such as taking photos and sipping on your bottle of water while over viewing the city below the mountains.