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Cape Town attractions

What are some things to do in Cape Town? These Cape Town attractions will tell you

Cape Town attractions that deserve mention

These Cape Town attractions deserve mention because they are the top locations among places to see in the Mother City. Those places that deserve mention are worthy candidates for Cape Town attractions and things to do. This means that you only have one way to view the city and that is with the most recommended places to see, or else you may miss out on these attractions in Cape Town!

Cape Town attraction #1 - Table Mountain

Table Mountain National Park is one of those Cape Town attractions that deserve good mention. The hiking trails on Table Mountain National Park, make this Cape Town attraction one of the best tourist spots for all people. Take a hike up Table Mountain for pristine views and nature unprecedented. Booking a tour to this Cape Town attraction is easy, simply enquire now.

Cape Town attractions #2 - Lion's Head

The next Cape Town attraction is Lion's Head. This Cape Town mountain is an example of attractions that warrant further attention due to it's size and proximity close to the city. This mountain is one of the best Cape Town attractions for those looking to see amazing views in nature, with a guide provided by our hiking services.

Other Cape Town attractions

Other attractions in Cape Town may include Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, Boulders Beach, Simon's Town, Bo-Kaap, Waterfront (V&A), Signal Hill, Kirstenbosch Gardens and more! These are other local attractions that enjoy the same or more volume of people each year. Take a tour with us on the many other Cape Town attractions.

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Booking a tour to Cape Town attractions

Cape Town with it's many attractions is home to the most amazing tour operators and companies. Our company is a Cape Town based tour agency specializing in Cape Town trails. More specifically, our tours include the hiking trails in Cape Town, such as India Venster, Table Mountain hike, Platteklip Gorge hike, Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine hike and also the famous Lion's Head hike. Booking a tour to Cape Town attractions is easy. Simply fill out our tour guiding service form and a representative will be in touch with you. Use the form here (click here)

Best time to visit Cape Town attractions

The best time to visit Cape Town in general is the November to February period. These summer months will ensure that your travel stay is the best time to visit Cape Town attractions. Better yet, a tour with us, by using our hiking services will guide you on an expedition second to none on the trail. The weather in that season is mild with less strong winds and heat that takes you by sweat.