Cape Town

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Cape Town

Home to some of the world's best mountains

Cape Town has it all

Cape Town, with it's very big mountains, is home to some of South Africa's most amazing views. From Table Top mountain shaped rocks to large lion-shaped formations, the mountains in Cape Town never cease to amaze travelers from around the world. These mountains are Cape Town's famous tourist destinations while they attract some of the most varied types of people from all over the world. People visit Cape Town from far reaching countries including USA, Dubai, Egypt, Canada, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany and more. Whatever your choice for visiting this holiday destination, Cape Town is here for you.

Cape Town city

Cape Town is a city which is home to some 3.5 million inhabitants. This means there is a big population however not as big as most major cities. The population of Cape Town city means that the property and space is limited, being confined in such a small space. That is why this small big city deserves good mention, because of the design which allows many locals to live around a place that is surrounded by mountains and beaches.

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Visiting Cape Town for hiking

Are you looking to hike the trails that make up Cape Town? That means this place is right for you. Simply hop onto one of our well designed tours that will take you on a journey into Cape Town's mountain spaces. With vast views of Table Mountain and surrounding city, these hikes are not to be missed. Amazingly, Cape Town has one of the most well known and established hiking paths in Southern Africa. Real trail markings make the path easy to navigate however a guide is always recommended because there are many places where the trail does not have signage or requires a guide for mountain safety.